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a g raykowski finds A RAYKOWSKI worked as a SCHOOL SAFETY AGENT and had a reported pay of $8,252 (ALL PAY=Regular+OT) in fiscal year (2014)

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★★★☆☆ A RAYKOWSKI $8,252 (ALL PAY=Regular+OT) (2014)

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A RAYKOWSKI $8,252 (ALL PAY=Regular+OT) (2014) The pay is medium.
The Regular Gross Paid is $8,150.
The First Name is A.

Source of information is NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services see NYC City Document Source
Any corrections should be directed to NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services

The Mid Init is G.
The Last Name is RAYKOWSKI.
The Fiscal Year is 2014.
The Agency Name is Police Department.

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The Agency Start Date is 12/20/1998.
The Title Description is SCHOOL SAFETY AGENT.

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The Leave Status as of June 30 is CEASED.
The Base Salary is $35,323.
The Basis is per Annum.
The Regular Hours is 394.28.
The OT Hours is 0.
The Total OT Paid is $0.
The Total Other Pay is $103.